Friday, November 2, 2012

OMG! Has it been THAT long?!

June?! Wow. I am SO very sorry for keeping you all on the edge (of glory- sorry music brain is in gear right now) of your computers!
For those of you who have not given up on me yet: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Good news: I am working on a new Pokemon pattern!! It should be finished by the end of the month!
Bad news: I'm in another play - this time a musical which requires more of my not-so-free time - and it won't be over until December.
Good news: I've been working on my new pattern whenever I can and it's starting to look good.
Bad news: 'Whenever I can' is starting to look like in the middle of the night!
Good news: Once this play's over I can finish my new pattern and work on the second Pokemon pattern I have planned!
Bad news: My life is so hectic. AND it's almost Christmas!!

Okay, so that's just a few of my problems. I'm also participating in two swaps on Ravelry and have to swap with three people. That means two Pokemon amigurumi and one pair of fingerless gloves. I will pull through!! Thank you all for your continued support! I love it when I come on the computer and see a new message or email from someone complimenting me on my patterns! You guys are the best T^T

My Youtube videos have been put on hold for a long while and recently my sister and best friend have been asking me "When can Snorlax have another video made?". The answer: I am working with my sister on Snorlax plans. She has written some hilarious songs for the Plushie Park to sing and we're working on new additions. He will likely make an appearance in time for Christmas. I just need to find money to buy a new SD card for my video camera. My goal is to crochet all Pokemon whether I be 16 or 57 by the time I finish. No matter how many generations they make, I will be right behind them crocheting faithfully.

One last bit of information you might find interesting: I am working on other amigurumi patterns other than Pokemon. I have the head of a chibi anime/manga doll made, just waiting for a body. He'll most likely be finished sometime next year, if I have time.

And now I leave you to wonder what Pokemon I am making and if it will be 5 months before I write here again. I will try my best to keep you all updated on how the patterns are coming along. Until we meet again, Oh Faithful Viewers. Muhahahahahahahhahahaha!

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