Thursday, December 12, 2013

I have an idea! But I need help.....

At this point in time, my family has reached a financial crisis. We are living off a very small amount given each month and are trying to get more money however we can.

This is where the idea starts: I have decided to begin commissions. Here's my plan: People email me with commissions, I whip them up, they pay me, and then I send them the finished project. Or should they pay me before I begin crocheting them so I can buy the materials? As you can tell, my idea is still in the making. I'm not sure yet how I would receive the money, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Commissions could be for Pokémon (my favorite things to make!), anime characters, cartoon characters, Disney characters, random amigurumi, and maybe even something like, if you send me a bunch of pictures of, say, a dragon, I'd try and turn it into a yarn project. Again, this idea is just in the making, but what do you guys think? Comment below with any thoughts, yay or nay, even if they're rude (although I would prefer you were nice to me :)

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  1. you should create an online shop on etsy or some website like that, it would be more secure for you and the client, I guess. But I'm wondering if it is a good idea to sell item from copyrighted licence? I know nothing about juridic things but better be safe than sorry... Anyway, I hope it will work for you